Why more people are choosing Labradoodles 

Labradoodles came into my life five years ago as I was searching for a dog as a new addition to the family and companion for my aging golden retriever.  Dogs have always been part of my life, growing up and while raising four children.  All our previous dogs had been rescues from shelters and were great dogs.  Then we were given a Sheltie pup and we raised several Sheltie litters while the children were at home as well as a variety of small livestock; goats, rabbits, chickens and a few cows to keep meat in the freezer.  For the past twelve years I’ve been very active raising show quality Suri alpacas which you can view at

    My decision to choose labradoodles was made after a thorough review of a number of other breeds.  As I did my research, more often than not, I was confronted with an array of diseases and faults the particular breed was prone to.  I was very impressed with the consistent genetic health testing being done by labradoodle breeders allowing them to offer puppies with documented, positive health testing several generations back.  Add to this the wonderful, family friendly dispositions and low to non-shed and I knew labradoodles would be my choice even though I suffered a bit of ‘sticker shock’ before I understood what went into breeding these great dogs.

    By now poodles have been crossed with a vast number of breeds  resulting in oddles of doodles.  Often times the puppies offered from these crosses are F1 or first crosses of the two breeds offering a lack of consistency in offspring, overall appearance and coat characteristics.  The extensive breeding of labradoodles to labradoodles offers the purchaser a much better opportunity to know what they are getting.  While there can always be exceptions, the genetic history of well bred labradoodles along with contracted guarantees by the breeder better ensure a true to the breed, beautiful and healthy new family member.

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