Purchasing a puppy from a breeder who has tested the genetic health of the parents and provides a health guarantee stated in the sales contract, offers the best assurance of a healthy, true to type labradoodle puppy.

Competent Labradoodle breeders are very invested in ensuring the health of the breed and their breeding dogs will have been tested for a number of possible genetic diseases and will come from ancestors that have also been tested and free from genetic disease.  Labs are known to be prone to hip dysplasia and poodles to several genetic eye problems. Testing is not cheap with some testing of breeding dogs being repeated periodically.  Our doodles are OFA tested for hips and elbows, CERF tested for eyes and PRA tested for progressive retinal atrophy.

As you research labradoodles you will come across these terms, F1, F1B and Australian labradoodle.  F1 indicates the first cross of a poodle and a labrador retriever.  As might be expected the results can vary widely, some pups looking like poodles, some just like labs and a few in between.   Hair coats, like labs, will shed like labs with the poodle type offspring much less likely to shed.  F1B is a F1 bred back to a poodle resulting in a pup that is 3/4 poodle and 1/4 lab, usually with a more curly poodle type coat.  The original labradoodles were bred in Australia with a goal of producing a service dog that was non-shedding to serve people with allergies.  Click here for history of the Australian Labradoodle.  Breeding labradoodles to other labradoodles, often with Australian ancestry, results in multi-generation, (multi-gen), labradoodles that will have a history several generations back of genetic health testing and consistent conformation and coat qualities of low to no shed.  Red Ginger is a muti-gen Australian Labradoodle with strong pedigree going back to Australian labradoodle ancestors.

It’s quite possible to get a great puppy from a shelter, or from the family selling pups in the parking lot, however, there is uncertainty as to the genetic health of the parent dogs and what the dog will grow up to be in size and appearance.  

Like most items you may purchase, quality and guarantees will vary and it’s important to do your homework and decide what you want in your labradoodle as it will be a part of your family for the

next 12-15 years. 

All Pines Edge puppies will receive:

  1. Loving, family care while being raised

  2. Microchip for identification

  3. Veterinary report containing vaccinations, worming, and physical exam information.

  4. Two year health guarantee against genetic diseases.

  5. Copies of Pedigree for both Sire and Dam.

  6. First bag of food is supplied with your puppy (not included for dogs shipped out of state).

  7. Toy with litter mate’s scent

PRICES: , with spay and neuter contract.

$ 2,500

may vary by color

We find no difference between males and females in terms of becoming

              wonderful, loving family companions.