Alder Creek’s LUCY

Lucy is a loyal, loving member of the family.  She is always ready for a cuddle and loves to ‘help’ in the barn, and go for walks and car rides.  Lucy is sociable and outgoing enjoying people, other dogs and our alpacas.

ALAA - 026626, Multigen

Size: Medium, Wt. 35 lbs

Coat: Wavy Fleece

Color: Light Apricot

Sire: aAprina’s Elusive Legend - Australian, from Rutland stock

Dam: Alder Creek’s Gypsy

OFA: Hips Good, Elbows Normal

CERF: Normal         PRA: Clear

Lucy’s PedigreeLucy_Pedigree.html

Gorgeous Doodles RED GINGER

Red Ginger is a gem with the most beautiful ultra rich red fleece coat.  She loves everyone and is full of fun. We are just beginning Ginger’s testing and can’t wait to see the beautiful puppies she will have.

ALAA - 031014, Australian Multigen

Size - 17 inches, 22 lbs 

Coat - Wavy Fleece

Color - Red

Sire: Waltzing Matilda’s Hobson

Dam: Gorgeous Doodles Betsy Beauty

CERF Normal, PRA Clear,

Currently undergoing testing for hips and elbows

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